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    Why is this product so terrible?


      Really Adobe,


      Why?  This is the buggiest, worst software I've ever worked with.  I can't believe people pay for this software -- and I can't believe you pay your developers.  None but your most basic fetures seem to work consistently. 


      The table editor.... a quarter of the time if I have a large section selected, right click deslects all but one and pulls up a menu, another quarter the time it deslects the cell im clicking on, and about half the time it works right.  And about 1/10th of the time table editor just crashes adobe altogether.  And yes, I've got the latest updates.

      Detag part of a document?  Enjoy missing content.  Yep, just gone.... words no longer on the page. 

      Revert to an older save to fix it?  Sorry! the bug follows you. 

      So you want to replace the page with an older version to start over?  Sorry! Restart adobe AND windows explorer in order to delete your page!  

      Oh and by the way, now there's invisible content on your page you can't tag or select -- so good luck!


      There is so much wrong with this software it's insane.