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    Presenter 7.0.7 crashing PowerPoint at startup




      I have had this for a few weeks now:

      When I double-click a ppt or pptx file from Windows Explorer, I get the following error message:


      SlideShowWindow (unknown member) : Invalid request.

      Automation rights are not granted." + OK button.


      I then click OK, PowerPoint and Presenter work normally, but if I open another file in the same way, PowerPoint crashes and wants me to disable Presenter.


      HOWEVER, if I open PowerPoint 1st, then open my ppt or pptx file using menu FILE /OPEN, it does not crash.


      I have Presenter 7.0.7

      Office 2010

      Internet Explorer v.8.0

      Windows 7 Service Pack 1 - 64 bit


      We have already deinstalled and reinstalled Office 2010 and Presenter twice, and downgraded IE from v.9 to v8... as I found something on the Internet about this.

      I have gone through this forum, found another thread on same topic, but it did not solve my issue.


      Please help!