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    Problems when Importing Word documents in InDesign CS5.5

    jmlevy Adobe Community Professional

      Working with CS5.5 fully patched, Word 2011 (14.1.0) on OS 10.6.8. When I import Word files in an InDesign CS5.5 document, some bold text remains bold, but some other turns into regular. Import options are OK.

      Capture d’écran 2012-06-19 à 15.05.40.png

      Saving the word file as .docx or .doc doen't change anything. No problem with italic

      See screenshots:

      Capture d’écran 2012-06-19 à 14.58.11.pngOriginal Word document


      Capture d’écran 2012-06-19 à 15.01.43.pngInDesign document


      Unfortunately, those Word files come from different users and asking them to use styles or even true bold and true italics is not an option...