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    Data Merge questions


      We are using MS Mail Merge to populate existing forms. We have 250+ different MS Word .docx forms that have different information in different places. We are serving the mail merge data from a database throught a VB.Net program and it's working well. As most probably know, the process is to map mail merge fields onto the form using Word and then populate them through the application based on the form and information the end user needs.


      We want to do the same thing with PDF documents. I've been poking around this site and the internet and am confused about what is available to do this. Data Merge seems to kind of do the same thing, but through files instead of a database. I see some functions in this and other Adobe SDK's, but I'm not clear on which would be the one I'd need. And it would need to be programmable with VB.net.


      Or do I need an aftermarket SDK to do this (hope it's okay to ask that question here)?