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    Buttons only work sometimes


      My project is set up with a row of buttons off to one side to take you to different sections of the presentation. Sometimes they work just fine... other times they take you to the next slide instead. The same button on the same slide will sometimes do this and sometimes not. How do I fix this?

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Hello and welcome to the forum,


          That is really not enough information, which version of CP are you using? What are the settings for the buttons? Do they pause at the same moment? Are those buttons triggering an advanced action or just a navigation action? I cannot imagine what is wrong, never did see buttons that sometimes work, sometimes not unless there is something different in the two situations. Can you post a screenshot of the timeline, and of the button settings?



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            moonghost Level 1


            I'm using version 5.5. This is what my timeline looks like.


            And my button settings are as follows:


            I double and triple checked everything, and I feel like I must be missing something. Ideas?

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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Are those buttons by any chance overlapping on the stage or covering up (part or) each other? If interactive objects are covering each other, only the top one on the timeline will be functional (same for click box vs buttons)


              What is the function of the click box and where is it on the stage compared with the button location? Is there any reason that you deleted the pausing for the buttons? If the click box is only meant to pause the slide, I would have preferred to keep the pausing point for the buttons and delete the click box. Can you check the Failure action for the click box, because clicking on a button means clicking outside of the click box...



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                moonghost Level 1

                The buttons are lined up in a row, not touching each other.

                I think it was the click box. I put it in there to stop my slides from auto-advancing. It was supposed to be tiny in the top right corner so it would be out of the way, but when I restored my project last week (after computer crashing issues) it reverted to the size of the entire slide. I've changed it back and all the buttons appear to be working properly now.

                Thank you for your help!