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    Exporting PDF to Print - Zero Bytes

    jamessk12 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am trying to export my brochure design 104 pages. A4 size. It is a furniture brochure so you can imagine there are hundreds of linked files.


      Once I have selected Export PDF for Print as I usually do with my flyers and posters, I select the option I believe I need, including the output for bleed markings .etc. but the file does not seem to be exporting.


      When I locate my exported PDF in Finder (Mac) Explorer (Windows) it shows the file there but with Zero bytes as the size, I try to open the file and it says the file is empty.


      Has anyone seen this before or am I doing anything wrong?

      Does InDesign show the progess of the Export? I cannot see anything in InDesign but I'm thinking it could take some time to Export as the file must be very large.


      Any help and advise is appreciated as always


      Kind Regards