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    Image not printing in CS5

    grandsire02 Level 1

      I have a strange issue with my Epson R3880 printer:  when I make up a composite image in Photoshop CS5 12.0.4 by cutting and pasting from various other images (then flattening the layers), I cannot get it to print although the printer goes through the motions, but nothing appears on the paper; also the print head doesn't attempt to print over that part of the paper where the image should be appearing (I'm actually doing proofing). I've done everything I can think of - I've reinstalled Photoshop and the latest printer drivers, and tried to print it in other applications (Photoshop Elements and Gimp). Any other images (ie non-cut and paste) print satisfactorily.  I did speak to someone on the Epson help desk who told me he thought it was a Photoshop problem, but the fact that the image won't print in Gimp suggests this may not be the case. The only thing I can think is that something in CS5 which created the image causes an allergic reaction in the printer! I'm running Vista x64. Does anyone have any thoughts on the subject?