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    Sending a p12 cert to a credit card auth system HELP!

      Hello all, I am constantly banging my head on my desk and I am needing some assistance I hope someone out there has done.

      I am working with a credit card verification type of company who I need to integrate my ColdFusion app with. They have provided me with a web service to make a couple of calls to in order to complete the transaction. However, I am running into a road block with this integration.

      The vendor states that before I can make any calls to their web service on their server, I need to "send them a client certificate." It seems that the vendor is unable to provide much more information than that to me. So at this point, if I call the web service on their end, I get an authentication error.

      They have provided me with a .p12 certificate that I have to send them before I call the web service via CFINVOKE, but I am really not sure as to what to do with this certificate and how to "send" this client cert to them to begin the process.. I am using CF 8. Any help out there would be very appreciated. Thanks