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    Using Mask To 'Zoom' In On Photo?!

    lbsimpson Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm struggling a bit to produce a smooth outcome for an effect I am trying to acheive.  I am currently working on an awards show video presentation featuring a variety of photos which I would like to animate.  My main strife comes when I mask a photo with the intention of the size of the mask remaining the same while the image within the mask is scaled up or down and perhaps moves using the Anchor Point to shift the focus of the image.  Another way to describe this would be that I would like to zoom in/out on an image that is contrained by a frame which does not change size or position.


      One method I have attempted is to draw a rectangular mask around the image at the point when it first enters the composition.  This first mask is the exact size of the 'frame' I want to perserve.  I then duplicate the image layer/mask, move forward in time on the original image layer and animate the scale and perhaps anchor point.  Then using the duplicated image as a guide, I animate the original mask path to match the duplicated size, which is done by sight.  I leave the key frames linear, but still can';t get it right as the mask still appears to grow and then reduce again. Take a look at this example below.



      I have attempted to copy the exact values of hte original 'frame' mask size, but those values scale with the layer itself and the frame does not retain it's original size.


      I have feeling I am missing a trick in terms of perhaps pre-comping this or parenting, etc.  Can anybody point me to a tutorial or tip that can help me smooth this out?


      Please let me know if you require any other informaiton, etc.  I am running CS5 on a Windows 7 PC.

      Thank you,