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    Buttons not behaving after decompile.

    Christopher Barnard

      Hi all,


      It's difficult to ask this question without posting the source file to see - but if I explain the issues...


      Basically I can't for the life of me work out why my buttons aren't behaving correctly. I received a job from a client to make some upgrades to a very old flash template without the source file.


      I decompiled the .fla as the original has long gone, and it seems fine accept my buttons are working as expected.


      I know it's vague but does anybody have any experience of issues with decomiled flash movies which may explain my problem. 

      Should I be looking in a particular area...Does decompiling affect the code?


      Could there be issues with how the file is published?


      I know I'm being a little vague....:-)



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          decompiling definitely affects code.  it's common to have a decompiled mess that doesn't work, at all.


          but if your only issue is with some buttons, check if they exist on-stage in some timeline.  if they do, click to select and check an instance name.  then use movie explorer to find code that references that name.


          that may or may not be all you need to do.  the buttons may be created with code and they are not on-stage in the fla.  and/or the button names may be referenced dynamically with array notation especially if they are named something like btn1, btn2 etc.


          finding the relevant code is always possible.

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            Christopher Barnard Level 1

            Thanks Kglad - lovely to see you still active here :-)


            I'll go back and have a look - it just seems to be the buttons sending the movie back to the beginning....