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    Flash player stopped working.


      Windows 7 64-bit

      Firefox version 13.0.1

      Flash version 11.3.300.257



      A few days ago everything that uses flash just stopped working. Videos on youtube, dailymotion etc. just show a black screen and flash sites and games won't display at all. Incidentally, and I'm not 100% sure this is related but I thought I'd mention it, I can't view anything in my steam backpack or use the trading system.


      I've uninstalled and re-installed flash. I've tried using various browsers including Chrome, IE and Firefox. Flash  doesn't work on any of them.


      I've tried everything suggested on http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/flash-player-games-video-or.html to no avail.


      Any help getting flash to work again would be greatly appreciated.


      UPDATE: I noticed on BF3's battlelog a popup message at the top of the screen saying "Flash plugin is blocked or disabled. Battlelog requires Flash. Please enable or unblock it."


      I've checked and Firefox hasn't disabled the flash plugin, does anyone have ideas on other ways to check what might be blocking or disabling it?