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    Robohelp 9 Freezing

    jmwarren2012 Level 1

      I've updated to version 9.0.2, and today when I use the "File->open" function the program freezes. I have to use task manager to kill RH9.


      I can open a project by double clicking the XPJ file, but while in the project the file open command freezes the program.


      This is a huge issue, and I'm having trouble working around this as I need to create a merged project which requires being able to link to files.





      Thank you,



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          Amebr Level 4

          Possibly the dialog box has fallen into the gap between monitors.


          Try this:


          1. Select File > Open. Don't click anywhere after this.

          2. Press Alt+Spacebar+M, then any arrow key.

          3. Waggle the mouse until the dialog box attaches to your cursor, then click to drop it where you want it.


          There's a more complicated method if that doesn't work (some dialog boxes don't open the context menu immediately for some reason):

          1. Select File > Open. Don't click anywhere after this.

          2. Press Alt+ Spacebar.

          3. Press Left Arrow to move the cursor through the menu bar, back to the file menu, then press it once more. You should have a popup context menu display.

          4.  Press M, then any arrow key.

          5. Waggle the mouse as above.

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            jmwarren2012 Level 1

            Thanks Amebr,


            I thought that was the problem at first too. I ended up contacting customer support. The technician was able to replicate my issue. They had me uninstall and reinstall TCS3.5 which resolved the issue.


            Strange occurence, it's not happened since reinstalling.


            Thanks for the tip!