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    Audio distortion

    lisaellensegal Level 1

      I shot my video with my Sony NX 5u with video settings:


      HD 720/60p FX 480/60fps





      My project  sequence settings are:


      720p AVCHD 720p60


      I am using Encore to export to:


      NTSC 720 480 29.97fps quality 5.0 progressive PCM, 48kHz, 16bit, Stereo

      Source:  1280x720 (100), 59.94fps, progressive, 48000Hz, Stereo


      I chose VBR, 2 pass

      min:  2.8

      target: 6

      Max:  8

      Audio:  PCM, stereo, 16bit, 48kHz


      I have made lots of videos with this camera.  I have only recently began shooting with progressive vs interlaced.  My audio is distorted once it is burned to disc.  It sounds/looks fine in ppro cs5.  I see no clipping.  Are my settings incorrect?  Could there be something else for me to check?


      Also, I am burning to a dual layer disc