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    Help needed please!

    Mark Lannen

      I am experienced ps user, but a newbie to indesign.  I am designing a sell sheet for work, but for some reason I am no longer able to create a text frame with the type tool.  If I select the tool and hover it over the paste board, I am able to create a text frame, but when I hover the tool over the page, then (inexplicably, it seems) the appearance of the tool changes and the 'frame icon' disappears and it is just the standart text tool as it would appear in Photoshop.


      I'm guessing I've accidentally clicked or unclicked on something to make this happen but I am unable to undo.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!





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          Scott Falkner Level 6

          Some forum tips:

          1. Make your subjects relvant. “Help needed please” contains zero information. All posts are requests for help. Put some information in there to help us figure out at a glance what your problem is.
          2. Tell us what vesion of InDesign you are using. Many features are specific to certain versions. We can’t help you if we don’t know what tools you have available.


          Most likely your problem is a tect frame on the master page or on the page you are editing. When you create a new file you can turn on an option for a Master Text Frame. There is usually no reason to do this. If you did that, then just go to the Master Page in the Pages panel and delete the master text frame.