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    Need help with spry collapsible panel (menu)


      I learn as I go when I created my website http://www.invitation-fascination.com/shapes.html and so far I've created a page with 13 spry collapsible panels- I think it came out pretty well.  Now this is what I want to add to the page: 


      I want to create a selector (drop down) menu above the panels with the option to select any one of the 13 panels.


      Once selected it will move directly to that panel and open it. 


      I've tried the piselect thing and with the "open" and "close" button that will programatically open the panels, but what I want is for the panel to be selected from the menu and then the page goes directly to that panel and it then opens.


      Is there a way this can be done?  Please help


      I'm really not that good at this stuff- please be easy with your response- thank you