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    Property setting

    ooba Level 1
      No choice but to post this method I have created to ask for your help.

      Problem is that I am not able to see the value of the container_mc.dataLoaded property from inside of the MCLiListener.onLoadInit = function(param_mc:MovieClip) {...

      In this function, I am looking for param_mc.dataLoaded property but it is always coming up as undefined.

      Please just do a search on the dataLoaded property below to see where it is defined and where I am trying to access it from within the onLoadInit function and tell me what is the memory path I should be using to get at the property.

      Any help is appreciated.
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          ooba Level 1
          Found finally thanks to the direct help of David Castillo ( FlashSim.com).

          I needed to set the "container_mc.dataLoaded = false;" inside of a "MCLiListener.onLoadStart = function(param_mc:MovieClip) {" method as in the following

          param_mc.dataLoaded = false;

          Now I can see the value of dataLoaded in all of the event listeners.