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    Premiere Pro 5.5.2 crashes on opening existing project


      ok so i haven't had an issue before. but its been a few months since i last used premiere pro.

      so i open premiere pro and i create a new project, i add my music and the mp4's i will be using, i'm on a mac osx by the way most recent version, so im able to select specific scenes from the mp4's and add them to the time line as well as add the music to the timeline. i make a good 30 seconds and figure i will continue this project tomorrow. so i save and close the application.

      its today now, and i go to open my project, and all these errors are happening. first in the preview window theres an orange sign stating theres no media or something, i can't view my timeline sequence i made the nite before, i cant even add my videos that were already imported to the project the other nite, or if i am able to add them to select a scene, it freezes in a somewhat bright black window is shown.

      ive tried resetting preferences, by holding down shift and alt on my keyboard, that didnt work. deleted the rendered previews, that didnt work. i see many posts on here where no one has been able to even fix the issue. no one from adobe seems to know whats going on.

      so what is going on? i'd like to finish my project.