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    Photoshop-Live-Effect: outer Glow Question


      Hello everybody


      Well after my positive impression about my first Post here, I hope, that someone can help me again.


      My problem is: In the Photoshop-Live-Effects, Category "Outer Glow" (Äußeres Glühen) is in the Part "Quality" (Qualität) the Option "random value" (Zufallswert).


      Well, when would be this option works?


      In Photoshop does this function only works, if the outer glow has a gradient, but that is in Fireworks not possible, as far as I know...



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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Why not use the built in Fireworks outer glow?

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            Black-Hat Level 1

            It's just my curiosity this option must be something good, and I want to know what I do wrong.


            Or what do you want exactly know? - Well the Screen is a screen from Fireworks CS6 o.o

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              Linda Nicholls Level 4

              You aren't doing anythng wrong, exactly. :-) The Photoshop live effects were added to Fireworks to support effects that have been added to the document in Photoshop. They were not designed to be used in place of the native Fireworks ones.

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                groove25 Level 4

                Photoshop Live Effects are still new to me, as I just recently upgraded from Fireworks 8. This post from Jim Babbage echoes what Linda just said about them (that is, they help to maintain continuity between Photoshop and Fireworks):




                The case of "Jitter" is interesting though. It can only be applied in Photoshop and only if the gradient option is chosen. Yet when I tried this, and then opened the PSD file in Fireworks, the appearance was maintained but none of the correct settings appeared in the Photoshop Live Effects dialog. And adjusting the settings had no effect either. That doesn't really fit my idea of a "live" effect. In fact, it seems more like a flattened effect—except that its editibility is maintained if the file is reopened in Photoshop.


                Maybe they should call them Photoshop "hibernating" effects. ("They're not dead—they're just asleep!")


                Clearly, there's room for improvement here. It begs the question: Why include a slider for something that can neither be created nor adjusted in the application? (Of course, I'd rather they figure out a way to add support for gradients here than just remove the slider.)

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                  Black-Hat Level 1

                  hm... but it seems to me a little bit illogical. because: Why is this option there, when I can't use it? - In The End: The basic idea was to create a basic, where is possible to combine Photoshop-effects in Fireworks. So is the compatibility between the programs more closer. What I do I photoshop - If I want to correct or something like that, was not the Aim I think. Rather, it is possible to use both programs.