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    can't change the defaultPushTransition


      I couldn't find any answers in the forum so I thought to just ask.

      I'm trying to get the defaultPushTransition to change in a CrossFadeTransition (for the whole project), but it won't work. This is the code I've put in my starting view:



              <s:CrossFadeViewTransition duration="300"/>




              import mx.events.FlexEvent;



              protected function view_creationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void


                  // TODO Auto-generated method stub

                  navigator.defaultPopTransition = new CrossFadeViewTransition();

                  navigator.defaultPushTransition = new CrossFadeViewTransition();




      I'm getting no red signs, and the application works just fine, but the transitions still slide.

      Any help would be greatly apreciated.