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    No real time RAM preview with Pr CS6.0.1 Open, Real time RAM preview with Pr Closed

    RBemendo Level 1

      When Premiere is closed I see real time performance on RAM previews (29.97fps), smooth UI interaction with and without Fast Draft enabled.  When Premiere is opened I get poor fps in RAM previews, lagging UI interaction unless Fast Draft is enabled.  Premiere Memory preferences are set to 6GB reserved for other apps, and Optimized rendering is for Memory.  It seams that as soon as Pr takes on any processing AE's performance just dies until Pr is closed. 


      I've tried clearing caches in AE and in Premiere, restarts, and repair disk permissions,


      Included is a realtime screen capture of what i'm experiencing, I open and close premiere twice to illustrate that it's not an isolated occurrence.



      any ideas?


      System Specs:

      dual 2.26ghz quadcore MacPro4.1

      OSX 10.7.4

      32gigs RAM,

      4000 for Mac.

      CUDA 4.2.10, GPU driver 

      Cache drive is a 2TB RAID 0 with 250MB/sec

      Media is on RAID 6 with 600+MB/sec.

      Premiere Pro CS6.0.1

      After Effects CS6.0.1