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    Error accessing "Log FIles" in coldfusion administrator 9.01


      WHen i try to look at the log files in cfadmin, i get this error:


      The isSystemLog method was not found. Either there are no methods with the specified method name and argument types or the isSystemLog method is overloaded with argument types that ColdFusion cannot decipher reliably. ColdFusion found 0 methods that match the provided arguments. If this is a Java object and you verified that the method exists, use the javacast function to reduce ambiguity.
      The error occurred on line 283


      I also noticed that the scheduled tasks "Last Run" does not update. I enabled logging in cfadmin for scheduled tasks and it does created a scheduler.log with all the tasks being logged and executing properly.


      I'm at a loss here and really need help before going live with this/