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    Premiere Pro CS6 Export issues


      We are using CS6.1 on Dell platforms and Mac's in the studio and we produce long form commercials. We are missing all of our deadlines becasue we cannot export these 29 minute films. We also have issues with exporting to SpeedGrade and simply gave up. I have four TV shows that I cannot get off these computers. Further the dynamic linking literally sucks. sometimes you can open a JPEG in Photoshop and save it with the changes appearing in CS6 and sometimes not. We cannot export through Project Manger or export as an AVI, or any other codec for that matter. We never had any problems with CS5.


      Right now I am having to transfer to a deck to get the files ready for broadcast check. It seems that when you only have few seconds of video it works fine, but it goes to hell in a hand basket after that.


      Does anyone have a workaround or can you tell us what we are doing wrong?


      Right now I am putting all the new shows on AVID for editing, at least that works.


      Bob Killen

      BKFA Productions