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    FW slideshows


      I want to change the background in one of the FW slideshows (Dreamworld-green).  I downloaded what I thought would be the answer from Adobe Fireworks Downloads (create slideshow players), but now don't have a clue what to do with the files I downloaded.  I'm very much a rookie at both Fireworks and Dreamweaver.  If anyone can tell me how to actually use the download so I can change the background color for one of the slideshows I would truly appreciate it.  Or point me to a tutorial that will explain it to me.

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          diannem34292603 Level 1

          This is the download I am talking about:  Does anybody know how to actually use this?


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            groove25 Level 4

            What's in the ZIP file? Whatever it is, it requires Flash. This doesn't suprise me, as the background color of the slideshow output by the "Create Slideshow" command appeared to be set within the SWF.


            Oh! Here's the link (for anyone else who's curious):




            The Readme.txt file (inside the unzipped folder) contains some rudimentary instructions. I think you basically need to open up the relevant FLA file in Flash, modify the background color, and save another SWF to replace the one in the Fireworks application configuration folder?

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              diannem34292603 Level 1

              There were 7 folders containing a total of 43 individual files.  If you want the complete list let me know and I can send it.  There were 6 .fla files,  and 1 .swf.


              Thanks for taking the time to reply.





              Files within Common:

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                groove25 Level 4

                Sorry, I edited my previous response and you may not have noticed.


                Again, take a look at the Readme.txt file that's included and follow its basic instructions. There's a folder for "dreamworld_green" with an FLA inside. Open that in Flash and modify the color on the stage, export a new SWF, etc.

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                  groove25 Level 4

                  Looking at this a little more, it's not clear to me exactly how these materials would integrate with the existing Fireworks slideshow materials. I imagined that one would open up an FLA, save a new SWF after making the desired changes, then place the SWF in the correct folder within Fireworks' configuration files and be good-to-go.


                  The look of this is a bit outdated. It was apparently created for use with CS3. The Create Slideshow command no longer appears in CS6, so I'm looking at the CS5 version. Within the application's Configuration > Commands folder, there's a Create Slideshow.swf and a folder called "players". The "players" folder is where I'd expect to place a modified SWF file, but I don't see any SWF files here to replace.


                  My best advice is to play around a bit and see what you can find. The Readme.txt file includes this final bit of instruction:


                  For asisstance, please post questions at http://www.fireworksguruforum.com (specifically, the Fireworks Album creator/Create Slideshow forum) and we'll do our best to help you with general usage questions.

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                    diannem34292603 Level 1

                    Thank you groove25 for your assistance.  I pulled in the fla file that was downloaded in the set of files from Adobe.  I changed the background color from green to teal.  I published it, creating a new slideshow.swf file.  I then replaced the slideshow.swf file that I originally created in Fireworks.    I plugged that file into my webpage and the darned thing is still green.  So I will take your4 advice and go to fireworsguruforum and see if they can tell me the error of my ways.  But you get credit for making me realize I needed to do the alterations in Flash.  After only one tutorial in Flash, I feel like I at least understand the relationship between fla and swf files now.  Thanks again.