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    Flash player 11.3 is a dog (mongrel actually)


      I've been having nothing but trouble with Flash player 11.3 & this mornnig I googled to see how widespread the issue actually is. Seems ***EVERYONE***  who has installed version 11.3 finds it crashes constantly, regardless what operating system or browser is used. Interestingly the 'experts' respond to queries with all manner of wild & wonderful suggestions however there is only one that works every time ... get rid of 11.3 completely and install something with infinitely less 'features' (isn't that what Microcrap calls 'issues' ??)  Its clear that 11.3 is the dog of all dogs and that the development team should be shot at dawn (any other time would be fine too). Question is how something so utterly woeful could get itself released ?? Surely Adobe has some form of software testing that should have picked up the problems before inflicting it on users ?? After all its not exactly that 11.3 only has spasmodic faults .... the $%(#@*%#  thing does nothing BUT crash !!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR