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    Rendering pitfalls

    Johnrh76 Level 1

      Ok, so I have managed to get a good render, so I thought I'd share how, and ask a question why?


      My original problem was horizontal lines that showed up during my render. which I had to do first in peices, then reimport them and rerender them as a whole, in order to make the whole project work.


      Also when I reimported it, the footage was either zoomed in on, or zoomed out of (shrunk or expanded) so I had to go into effect controls and change the size...buut this process made the footage look a bit warped.


      I found that it only worked when I rendered mpeg2 for the peices, then h264 for the whole project final render. I also took advice from here, and imported the peices into the original project instead of importing them to a new file. This still changed the size, but in a way that didn't warp when I resized it.Although it looked a tiny bit milky I think.


      (Also I was using mixed footage and had to render on timeline the odd footage to make it work)


      I was confused on how the file itself holds a setting that tells it how to import. I import in a new file, it shows up a different size than if I import it into the original file. Is there a way to alter these settings so they don't change the footage size?


      Also, does anyone have any other suggestions? I'm going to try a lossless codec eventually, but I'm so green and my comp is so buggy, I don't want to mess with any new things in case it all explodes.