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    Coming from MAGIX'S MOVIE EDIT PRO 18, To Adobe CS5 I'm really confused HELP!


      LONG STORY, im SORRY! BUT i need Help please!

      i'm trying out this new program [new to me] Adobe Premiere CS5 because my brother told me its better than MAGIX Movie Edit Pro..When i imported my video clips to adobe it seemed to zoom in on the video? I used to be able to see the persons legs, the grass, and the sky in the shot but now i cant, wth? I thought to myself maybe its just the play back video in the editor and when i export it, it will be back to 1920x1080 but its not! [Video is from a game BTW]

      On Magix Movie Edit when i imported a clip it would Auto ask me to resize the video to fix the screen nicely and great quailty too and it did!


      It's hard to explain so ill LINK a couple pictures of what it SHOULD be and what it SHOULD NOT be.


      =====================HERE ARE LINKS! ==============================


      What it Should Be -->

      http://limepic.com/img/2012/06/19/EdHKr.png <-- [My edit from paint that's why its a little smaller than 1080P!]



      What it SHOULD NOT Be! -->

      http://limepic.com/img/2012/06/19/MREv3.png                  Copy&Paste instead because it comes out weird on the forums!



      Adobe made it that small --^




      Sorry again, I just started using Adobe! I hope this is the right place to post.

      Thank You!