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    PHP Development :(

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      Hi All,


      Hi am actually a we designers thrown into a tight spot in developing a time management and statistic/reporting web application/system.  Because of our server I cannot work with SQL.  I have to write this app in PHP in Dreamweaver from scratch *eek* I am not very exprienced with PHP, know a little html and java but that is it.  Is there anyone that can assist me on how to get the data from a form that I have designed placed in a seperate page where a Manager can then get the stats by the push of a button ?  If not is there anyone that can give me some advice as to how to go about doing this then or maybe have a program that I can use with Dreamweaver to assist ?


      I am really desperate for help...


      I have seen that it should be done without a DB, however, this seems difficult, can anyone assist with this?