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    Creating a command line program reading AEP/AEPX files?


      I'm new with After Effects SDK, and I wanted to know if it's possible to use SDK to implement a command line program that gets information such as duration and frame rate in AEP/AEPX files.


      aerender, a command line render program provided by After Effects, prints out these information before rendering. But it doesn't seem to be able to print out the information without doing rendering.


      I saw a related thread here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/844341


      But what I want is simpler. I don't need to alter the AEP/AEPX files. I just want to obtain the information quickly from an AEP/AEPX file. Is it possible to write such a tool using SDK?



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          shachar carmi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          hi eliang.cs!

          yes, i'm the same guy who answered on the other thread.


          everything the API does, it does through AE as a plug-in.

          so if you have AE running (even just the renderer), your project loaded and your plug-in present, you can access all the data you described with no problem, and export it out in whatever way you want. (a plug-in is actually a DLL, so you can do anything you want, even on an OS level)

          you can access the data on all elements of the project including comps, layers, footage, render queue, ect...


          having said that, you can do all of this using a script instead of a plug-in.

          scripts are much easier to build.

          perhaps there's even a script out there that does what you're looking for, or something very close that could easily be adjusted.