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    can't get mc properties directly after loadMovie("mc") action.

    bibberlam Level 1
      I want to create a new MC "picture" by using:

      on (relaese){
      this.createEmptyMovieClip("picture", 100);
      this.picture.loadMovie ("photo8.jpg");

      but this returns always "0" for the variables "height" and "width"

      I learned that MX 2004 has the functionallity to add some listeners to this script (MovieClipLoader) in order to determine when the file "photo8.jpg" has done loading. Than the width and height could be read of photo8.jpg...

      My first question: can I do the same with a slightly different script in MX 6?
      Second question: what is the right syntax of the moviecliploader-thing wich I need in MX 2004? the help file isn't that very clear, I'm afraid.

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          2m Level 2

          as you have guessed you have to wait until the first frame (if there are frames) or the whole Image has loaded before you can access the properties of the loaded clip. The MovieClipLoader class helps you a great deal in that, but it is only available since Flash / in Flash & you would have to check with your own method for example usinf setInterval to chaeck for the loaded size of the movie/picture vs. the total size.

          I don't think that the Help file is unclear, just look up the examples in the Actionscript dictionary and do those on your own.

          It often happens that the concept of event listeners is hard to grasp for those that haven't used for a while them, but there are some tutorials out there on that topic...