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    list box strategy

    bduffy323 Level 1

      Hello all, I have a multi-column list box that displays information that matches a two-dimensional array. So for example if my array is set up like this:







      There would be three list items with the following 4 letters being subItems.


      Now is there anyway to somehow attach more information to the row that is not visible to the user? That is if my array was set up like this:









      I could display only the letters in each row, but say when that row is selected I would have access to the direction data? I originally would just match the indices in my array with those in the list box but I have a filter that changes the what gets displayed in the list box so the indicies no longer match up. I've looked for like an insertLabel method on list items but they don't exist. So after my fair share of research I thought I would reach out to those a little more experienced! Any Ideas would be helpful!