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    Icons in the siteadmin tree


      Is it possible to assign a page an icon that shows up in the siteadmin tree?


      In the documentation it is stated that you can have a thumbnail.png and a icon.png for each template.

      The thumbnail shows up in the document list and in the create-a-new-page dialog.

      But the icon.png does not seem to have any effect at all.

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          Ryan Lunka Level 3

          Probably not easily.  From what I've seen that code and those images are all kind of built into the SiteAdmin JavaScript that renders the tree.  It may be possible, but there aren't likely any easy hooks for doing so.

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            belavoigt Level 1

            Hi Ryan, thanks for your input, that was my impression as well.


            What confuses me ist this passage in the code (coming from the TreeNodeUI.js renderElements function):

            '<img alt="" src="', a.icon || this.emptyIcon, '" class="x-tree-node-icon',(a.icon ? " x-tree-node-inline-icon" : ""),(a.iconCls ? " "+a.iconCls : ""),'" unselectable="on" />',


            This gives me the impression that if a has an icon attribute this should be used as the icon (instead of the transparent "icon" plus css class containing a background icon image). Alas, so far I could not find out how to set the icon attribute...