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    How do I make multi-dpi icons in an IconItemRenderer?

    GrendelDeveloper Level 1

      Building my first custom IconItemRenderer and I am having difficulty getting my multi-DPI graphical assets to display properly.  Basically, I don't know how to do that.  I can do it easily enough within a button (or anywhere else I can use the MultiDPIBitmapSource) but I don't know how to do this within ActionScript. 


      Can anyone lead me to a tutorial (or just give me the answer)?


      I'm currently simply calling a single asset like this:



                  private function communicationIconDisplay(item:Object):Object {


                      var icon:Class;

                      var comm:CommunicationInformation = CommunicationInformation(item);


                      switch (comm.typeId) {


                          case CommunicationInformation.PHONE:

                              //display phone icon

                              icon = AssetStore.getInstance().phone160;



                          case CommunicationInformation.EMAIL:

                              //display email icon

                              icon = AssetStore.getInstance().emailAt160;



      etc. etc.  Thanks!