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    CS6: Is the "Contour Editor" for Layer Effects Gone?

    Henrik Nerr Level 1

      Hi. In some earlier Photoshop version, you could edit the contours (looking like curves) that shaped layer effects like Drop Shadow or Bevels. To do this, you opened the contours drop-down library within a style dialogue like Drop Shadow; then you double-clicked onto a contour icon and you got the "Contour Editor", a dialogue looking like a small Curves dialogue.


      But in CS6 i find no way to edit the contours provided. I can create new ones, which doubles the last contour activated, and i can add more contours provided by Adobe. But double-clicking on a contour icon only applies this contour and there is no way, it seems, to get to an "Contour Editor".


      Or is there?


      Any help appreciated! Thanks!



      I'm on Windows 7/64 bit with ample RAM, with PS CS6 Extended.