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    Project corrupt?

    EditorPete Level 1

      Hi gang,

      Been working in CS6 for a little while and reading the "Serious Error" thread on this forum as well. I've been getting some more crashes than normal (by CS 5.5 standards) but not as many as others on this forum have been experiencing.

      I've attached an error window that just popped up that I haven't seen in CS6 yet. Wondering what it means..I sent a bug report to Adobe just in case as well.

      My project is just a test project that I've been running CS6 and myslef through, just to work out any bugs and for me to get to know the newer software. I am unable to open up this project without the attached error popping up making my sequence/project unuseable. I tried duplicating the sequence and project and the same error occurs. Below is some info.


      Project is 1920x1080 29.97fps with GoPro .MP4's - 1920x1080 30fps and 848x480 120fps as elements


      Mac Pro '08 - OS 10.7.4

      2x3Gig quad core Intel Xeon

      14G Ram

      Nvidia GeForce GTX 285









      CS6 Error.jpg