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    Shut down of computer when exporting


      Hey guys,

      I've been reading forums for about a half day now and need some help narrowing down the problem.


      Essentially, my computer turns off in the middle of an export. Usually reboots fine, but one time it would shut down after 5-10 seconds, without even booting windows (which causes me to think heat issue). After a several shut downs, it started back up


      From all my reading it seems it is either heat, motherboard, or power supply.


      I've found that my system goes up to 70C (158F) when exporting. It may be even getting hotter.

      My CPU is running at near 100%

      All my allocated ram 13GB out of 16GB is mostly being used - shows 12.7GB


      This is my system build


      1. i7-2600 CPU @ 3.4GHZ 4 cores
      2. 4x4 GB Ram Corsair 1600C9
      3. 2x1TB raid 0 blue hard drives (Western Digital Sata 6.0 32m)
      4. GeForce GTX680
      5. OCZ vertex 3 - 120 GB SSD 6gbps
      6. Asus P8P67 Deluxe
      7. Corsair TX850W
      8. Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced Full Tower EATX


      This is a HW monitor screen grab on a successful export when the computer DID NOT shut down.



      After the export, my cores go back down to the 30C range.


      Looking at my event viewer, I get the Kernel-Power error when my computer has shut down.


      I'm fine adding a cooling system (more fans or liquid cooling). I'm also fine with changing out the power supply or getting a new motherboard. What I do want to figure out is which to try first and what's the most likely cause.


      Thanks in advance!