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    webhelp map ids calling wrong topics


      I converted several projects from RH5 Word to RH5 HTML and then up to RH8 HTML. The image popups, styles, map IDs, links all appear correct. However, when I build a Webhelp, the assigned topics are changed. Therefore, when the application calls the context sensitive map ID, the wrong topic displays. I've checked all the RH project files and all the map IDs are correct before I build. It doesn't matter whether I use the legacy map files or create a new bsscdefault file, the same problem occurs. The developers call the context sensitive by map ID through the rhc file and this cannot be changed. Does anybody have a fix or can tell me what to do to the project file so that it builds correctly? thanks. PS - we thought it was a problem with the whstart.js template. We changed the variable "sParam" and the map ID then displayed the correct context sensitive topic but the content,search, glossary, index javascript broke and those functions wouldn't display from the skin.