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    finished Video too dark


      My imorted videos look great on LCD camera screen, but show dark in elements 9 and are way too dark on big screen TV. I am using a Radion H 6550 intergrated video card.



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          Barbara B. Level 7

          Moving to the premiere elements forum.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            What model of camcorder are you shooting and what format and resolution are your videos? How did you get the video from your camcorder to your computer?


            What project settings when you started your Premiere Elements project?


            If you selected the best project settings, the video clips you add to your timeline will have no red lines above them. Is that the case in your project?


            If you are using the best project settings, your output video should look virtually identical to the original video. Premiere Elements certainly won't darken a video.

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              jrleo33 Level 1

              Hi Steve:


              I am using video “AVCHD, 60i/60p,” taken from a Sony A77 DSLR. I am also using still photos from this same camera, and making a movie on Adobe Premiere 9. Unfortunately, the same darkness is showing in my still photos when using Premiere 9, and this is after editing in CS3.


              I am using a new HP Computer, and a 24” ViewSonic monitor, and this darkness seriously blocks out all the shadow area in both the movies and stills.


              I have had very good success in the past with Adobe Premiere 3, and 9, and both the movies and stills coming off the Sony are outstanding on the camera’s LCD screen.


              Also, the imported video from the Sony looks dark on the new ViewSonic screen, which points toward the integrated graphics setup in the computer.


              I am also running slide shows in Photoshop 9, and then opening them up in Premiere for editing, and am running into the same darkness problem.


              No red lines showing above the clips.



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                One cannot compare Photoshop (or PSElements) with PrE, as Photoshop is a Color Managed Workspace, where PrE is not.


                Have you calibrated your monitor for Photoshop? Do you use a monitor profile in Photoshop?


                For video, the only way to certify the colors and gama of video is to use an external broadcast monitor. Otherwise, anything that you see on a computer monitor in that non Color Managed Workspace, is but an approximation.


                Good luck,