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    How to overcome unfortunate behvior of Layers in IDCS6?


      Recently upgraded from ID2 to IDCS6 and the active Layer behaves differently than in earlier version which is creating a challenge in entering text on correct layer.


      For example, we print a newsletter and have a Layer #1 for entry into the frames of newsletter that are to be sent to printer, and also have a Layer #2 used for internal staff comments. In prior Indesign if I put the Text Insertion mark in a text frame that had previously been used appropriately #2 for staff comments, or #1 for actual newsletter text entry, then Indesign would appropriately have the new entry inherit the Layer choice made for that frames prior text entry.


      The current IDCS6 inherits the Layer that you were last using. In my example if you enter text in the Comment Layer #2 and then move text insertion point to a frame that should be using the Layer #1 for newsletter entry unless you manually select the correct Layer #1 you will inadvertently be entering text on Layer #2. Is there some user preference or something else that might be causing the poor behavior?


      In the Layers palette, Layer #1 and Layer #2 are visible and unlocked.