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    Why can't I edit a text layer?

    alexdejesus Level 1

      Encore text.jpgEncore text 2.jpg

      Cut and pasted text from a pdf to Encore menu page. The text is a bit hard to read, so I want to change the font, etc. However, I am not able to edit the text in Encore or Photoshop. I tried to recreate a new page and copied the same text, but this is how it pasted. I am not able to word wrap it or get it to appear as the original. What am I doing wrong? I have not rasterized anything. Not sure if it's point text or paragraph at this point.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          In a Copy/Paste operation from a PDF, I would bet that you do not have a Text Layer. In the Layer's header, do you see a T in a box, or not?


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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            It seems to be a text layer, but I would concur with Mr. Hunt on some level - pasting from a PDF is less than ideal. There may be some odd formatting preventing to edit the text or some non-text stuff inbetween that gets in the way.. I recomemnd you export the text to a Word or TXT fiel from Acrobat, clean it up and use that to paste the text.



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              charles badland Level 4

              Did you try dragging out a Text Box in PS and pasting into that? (As opposed to just pasting at a Type Insertion point?)

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                Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                One of the best ways to strip unseen formatting is to paste the text into Notepad, and cut and paste from Notepad to the target application.  (if you are using a PC that is)

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                  alexdejesus Level 1

                  Encore text 4.jpgI pasted from the pdf to encore and PS. I also pasted the same text onto a text file and then to Encore and PS.


                  So, in Encore, I created a new menu page with a colored background. I copied text from a text file, but thought it better to "Edit Menu In Photoshop" and paste it there, which is where I am now. I drew a text box on the page. The text pasted fine, and I am able to resize the box. What I need to know is how to create two columns within the text box.


                  Also, the text is a bit blurry and hard to read. Using a 10 pt Nueva Std font. Wondering if it is normal for text to have such poor resolution on a DVD menu. No effects or shadow applied.


                  I tried something else. I opened the original pdf in Photoshop and dragged the text from it onto my menu page. It kept its format in 2 columns, but was monstrous size compared to my page. I sized it down to fit. But now that it is here, it is no longer editable. I am stumped.

                  When I click on the type tool it creates another blank text layer and my bio text that I dragged over is no longer a text layer.   Encore text 5.jpg


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