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    InDesign CS5 will not let me add or delete pages


      I have created an 80 page document, used about 6 master pages, style sheets, etc. I've done this project annually for the past six years. Tried troubleshooting: reset my preferences, rebuilt the document several times and even reinstalled InDesign software. At first I thought it might be a memory issue, but this document is only 39 MB, so it's not anything complicated. As soon as I go to add a page or delete a page it freezes. I have auto page numbering. I've checked all my fonts. The only thing I can think of is something is wrong with master pages? I've tried overridding, etc. It shouldn't hang up from having too many master pages, should it? Like I''ve said, I've done this book in the past and never have encountered this problem. At this point I needed to get it out the door and had to put page numbers on manually and had the printer delete pages. I've gone back and tried to delete the master pages and it will, but when I go to delete ANY page it freezes. The pages I want to delete are empty and contain no text thread. They did, however, have a master page style. What did I do wrong? Thanks for any advice.


      iMac 3.2 GHz Intel Core 3

      8 GB Memory  1333 MHz DDR3

      InDesign CS5 7.03