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    CS6 imports file at incorrect frame rate

    pdlavalle Level 1

      Hi all,


      Exported recordings from Screenflow and using Premiere Pro CS6 to edit them.


      We have two screen captures from Screenflow made on the same day. We exported both with the same settings into .mov files.


      part-1.mov imports correctly at 25 fps.


      part-2.mov imports incorrectly at 2.5 fps. ???


      We tried the following without remedy:

      - restarting Premiere Pro

      - re-exporting part-2 in Screenflow

      - opening the exported file in QuickTime and export it again using QuickTime, as QuickTime sees the frame rate correctly


      Still no luck. We're stuck.


      part-2 does look choppier in Premiere than it does in Screenflow. It is visibly dropping frames.


      To add more frustration, Premiere imports the file with the correct duration, about 1:03:31. So if we mess around with the frame rate in Clip > Modify > Interpret Footage..., it speeds up the clip and has the wrong duration.


      Does anyone know what's happening? Is there a way to modify the frame rate of a clip without affecting its duration?