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    ? Disappearing Footers


      InDesign CS5 - Have variable text chapter titles as footers w/page number on master page. They are showing up for pages up to page 9 (3 dif chapters), but then disappear except for the page number on subsequent pages. Anyone know why?


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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          Perhaps there is not enough space in the text from for a two digit page number. Hard to tell without seeing it. A screen gab with invisible characters showing might help.


          In the future try to pick a more descriptive subject line than “Question”. That contans exaclty 0.000 grams of information.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            From the description, I don't think that's it. My recollection is that page numbers go into overset if there is not enough space in the frame  for at least 3 digits. If the variable is first in the frame, one would expect it to show, and the page numbers to disappearm not the opposite, and if it comes after there presumabvly was enough sapce for numbers and at least some text, so I'd expect the variable to be showing, but compressed into the available space.


            Im any case, I think the next logical step might be to try an export to .idml. See Remove minor corruption by exporting

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              LX2B5 Level 1

              Sorry, I did update "Question" to an actual question, my first time in the forum. Space is not the problem for the numbers or the text to fit because the ones that are not showing up should be repeating the same info on the pages that come before, plus I'm only up to page 21. Something happened around page 9 that they stopped showing up. Thanks for the info though.