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    DNG and Color Negatives


      This may seem to be out in left field but here goes...


      I've been using custom camera profiles in LR to help get better color when scanning color negative film using Vuescan from my Nikon scanner. Vuescan can output a DNG file that contains the metadata tags for Make and Model so I can shoot a color chart, scan it and run it through profiling software (either DNG profile editor or Colorchecker Passport) then use the profile in LR's Camera Calibration to help zero in the color. It works fairly well.


      Now I'm scanning larger negatives on an old Imacon Flextight, which is producing great scans as far as dynamic range and sharpness are concerned but doesn't have profiles for the new film I'm using. I figured I could use the same strategy as with Vuescan if I could get the metadata tags set in the tiff files then convert to DNG and make a profile. I've been using Exiftool to set every Make and Model tag I can write to, and it shows up in LR's metadata pane as being set, but the profiles aren't matching up with the file (i.e. they don't show up as options in the Camera Calibration drop down).


      What am I missing to get these to match up?



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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

          Can you please send me two examples:


          1.  One of your old DNGs (for the case where the profile shows up correctly in Lr).  Please also send me the profile that works with this DNG.


          2.  One of your new DNGs (which doesn't work).  Please also send me the profile that you're trying to use with this DNG (which isn't showing up).


          With these 4 pieces, I can figure out what's going wrong.


          madmanchan2000@yahoo.com (yousendit.com, dropbox, etc.)