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    Acrobat X crashes when accessing Officejet Pro 8600 Plus


      Acrobat crashes every time - click create, PDF from scanner, next select one such as "custom scan" and bye-bye Acrobat (message is Acrobat has stopped working).


      Just bought the 8600 all-in-one which is wireless in the network. Another computer, also running Acrobat X works just fine.



      Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)

      Acrobat 9.5 and X (both crash)

      Scanner software up-to-date

      Acrobat software up-to-date

      Have did the uninstall/reinstall of Acrobat and HP - no luck

      Can scan via HP software and printer panel

      Just does not work with Acrobat


      Computer and Acrobat 9.5 was scanning just fine with HP 7200 - bought 8600, installed and troubles began. I uninstalled 9.5 and installed Acrobat X and it still crashes.


      I am thinking there must be some conflict between the new and old printers (I uninstalled old - something left over?) but do not know where to look. Help!