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    PHP Development :(

    Torsian Level 1

           Hi All,


      Please help me, my knowledge on PHP is very limited (and when I say limited I mean very limited ) LOL


      I was asked by my superior to create a time management and statistic reporting application which can be accessed via ou intranet.  This should basically contain what time the consultants did what and then calculate the amount of hours or minutes, seconds that it took them and then basically do a print out of the stats by the click of a button to her.

      This seems very nice and seems easy to most, but to me this is difficult.  As this is our internal section application I am not allowed to use SQL, so I want to use a NoSql program with Dreamweaver and code in PHP. 


      Is there any one that can give me some pointers as to where to start, I have created the layout in html form, but the data needs to be placed on a seperate page to be viewed (which I cannot seem to get through) also from there be able to print this in a decent format (.pdf).


      Please help, I am actually just webdesigner and is more familiar with html than any other.


      Any help would be much appreciated....