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    New updates stuttering my playback?

    77mrd Level 1

      Working with CS5.5.2 premiere pro. I used to always have smooth playback and now i'm not sure what happened. Maybe it was an update or something but now I get occasional errors about insufficient hardware followed by crashing. I reversed my graphics card drivers as well. no Luck! VERY stuttered playback. and this is on a mainly empty timeline and project. I don't have any dynamically linked items.


      Win 7 pro

      24gb ram

      3 hard drives @ 1tb each

      nvidia gtx 285 card

      i7 processor


      editing DSLR 1920x1080 hd footage.


      I changed no settings in premiere so I have no idea what to do. Is there any way to rollback my version of premiere? Maybe that will do the trick. hmmmmmmmmm....??

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          77mrd Level 1

          Okay, guys... I downloaded a core temperature reader program and my cores are all peaking at like 95-100 celcius!!!


          whats going on?! never had this before.


          CPU usage is at like 4%.... stopped all startup programs. made sure no spyware or crap was running.



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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            A spring cleaning of your fans and CPU cooler looks advisable. Also check that all the fans still work. Last, if it still gets too hot, renew the cooling paste.

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              77mrd Level 1



              Cleaned it with a ton of compressed air today. Fixed the over heating and ran fine now. Fans were also checked to be still working. Hopefully wont have to renew cooling paste anytime soon.

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                JEShort01 Level 4



                If dust can take your CPU cooler to in excess of 75 deg. C., then that is a clear indicator that you should get a better CPU cooler! If you are running stock speeds a good cooler will keep you under 50 deg. C (peaks) and if you are overclocking under 80 deg. C. Too much heat can cause crashes and sluggish performance (Intel CPUs slow down if they get too hot) and also reduce the life of your components.


                Post what model CPU you have and I'm sure participants in this forum will have various suggestions for you in both the sub-$30 and sub-$100 catagories.