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    Licensed Books


      Hi, I had to change my pc recently and have been unable to transfer my books to ADE. Keep getting error message Licensed to a different user account. I spend an hour yesterday with Adobe staff who gave up and directed me to Forums. Any ideas?

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          justme088 Level 1

          It seems that the answer to many questions is to uninstall and reinstall.  This may be the easiest thing to do.  Just start from scratch, with both the computer and email address.  Use the same into.  I have about 600 books and have to do that.  Yuk!  If that doesn't work, "Frustrated in AZ" will try to help you.  He's pretty good.



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            justme088 Level 1

            OH, you might want to call the store and have them reissue the books.  Sometimes they only have one download allowed.  W.

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              Thanks for the compliment, Wanda.


              The 'Licensed to a different user account' message means that when the

              ebooks were downloaded, you used a user ID that's different from your

              current one.  IF THIS IS TRUE, you can change back to the old one by

              changing the ID for your copy of ADE.  CtlShiftD will deauthorize your

              computer.  Then, go to Library view in ADE.  Click on the small arrow next

              to the word 'Library'.  A drop-down menu will appear.  Choose 'Authorize

              Computer' from it, and ADE will ask you for an Adobe ID.  You can put your

              old one in at this point....

              If your Adobe ID hasn't changed, then you should re-install.  You won't

              lose your ebooks.