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    Pre10 wont start disc/folder burn. Tried everything!


      I recently bought a new computer and I can not get Pre7 or Pre10 to burn a folder or a disc. I have browsed these forums for hours and hours looking for a solution but no success.  I initially loaded Pre7 when i got the computer but when it gave the burn error I went out yesterday and purchased Pre10 as it supports 64-bit OS, and it too is giving the same error.  Hoping I didnt waste my money on a program that refuses to create discs and folders!!


      Here are the gritty details...



      When creating or loading a project with Pre7 or Pre10 on my computer and I try to burn to Folder 4.7GB, as soon as I click on Share>DVD, I get an error saying "Disc Burning Error - Could not start disc burning project"  I then click the only option "OK" and it then continues into the burn options screen and allows me to commence a burn but it hangs on 0%.


      Interesting Facts:

      * I have the exact same problem with Pre7 or Pre10. I also did try my old Premiere Pro 2.0 program - and it WILL burn to folder or to disc with no problem at all.  * I have uninstalled Nero burning rom as I read there may be a conflict there. Still no luck. *  I have also tried troubleshooting success stories from other users with the same problem and had no luck.  * I tried creating a Pure AVI file and importing that into Pre10 and burning it to folder - no luck.  * I tried burning just a slideshow of lo-res images - no luck.  * I tried burning 30 seconds of simply the 'Black Video' from the stock Pre10 'new items' but no luck.  * No matter what I do, as soon as I click on Share>DVD I get this error message.  * My burner is being detected.  * I have also disabled my anti-virus and also deleted Pre7 or Pro2.0 (and used only Pre10) but still no luck.  * I have updated my graphics drivers, my QuickTime program and also a Windows update but still no luck.  *  I have run the program with Administrator priveledges and all permissions.  * I loaded discs 2 and 4 (program-64bit and contect disc) and did not experience any installation problems.


      I dont know what else to try.



      Intel Core i7 2600k 3.4G LGA1155.

      Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4 Motherboard.

      Windows 7 - 64bit.

      8GB RAM.

      2x 1TB HDD.

      Nvidia GTX570 graphics card.

      Dual 19" LCD LG monitors.


      Can anyone help me with why I get this error message each time I try to burn a folder or a disc???



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are you programs on your C drive and your project files and media files on your second drive? Have you ensured that your project file is inside its own folder and is not out in the main directory of your hard drive?


          What model of camcorder is your video coming from and what format and resolution is it?


          When you started your Premiere Elements project, which settings did you select?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Well-written post! This could be used in a "How to Post to the Forum."


            Now, to clarify, if you are Burning to Folder, the burner being detected, should have no influence. It is when one gets "No Burner Detected," that one needs to look for Packet-writing software, that might be "hooking" the burner at bootup. Nero & Roxio (and some others) can have their Packet-writing modules installed, but most of the rest of those programs do not cause problems. Mostly, it's either DLA, or InCD, that hook the burner, before PrE launches, and tell the OS that it's not really a burner, but a removable HDD. Still, you have taken Nero out of the mix. This ARTICLE goes into more detail, but do not think anything in it will be that useful, but could be wrong.


            I am not familiar with the particular error that you are getting, so I cannot address it directly.


            As you were able to Burn to Folder from PrE 2.0, that seems to rule out any sort of HDD space issue. Also, with 2x 1TB HDD's, you should have adequate, free-space. Also, PrPro 2.0 used about the same portions of the Sonic AuthorCore, as PrE does, so they are very similar. Those were removed from PrPro in CS3, where ALL authoring was done via Encore.


            As you have tried several Projects, and all fail in the same manner, it does not seem to be Project-specific.


            As you have tried with two different installations of PrE, it would seem to not be installation-specific.


            You have tried Run As Administrator, and have succeeded with PrPro 2.0, so I don't think that it's a Permissions problem.


            Though you have already done most of the things, listed in this ARTICLE, take a look, just in case something important was missed (do not think that you have missed anything, but it never hurts to take a peek).


            I am at a loss, on what to check next, and hope that Steve, and others, have some ideas, as I am puzzled too.


            Only wish that I had more, but will keep thinking.


            Good luck,



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              Gordon_Aus Level 1

              Hey guys,


              Thanks for the reply. 


              I create the working folder on my secondary drive (not on my OS drive) and it is normally in its own folder. I read somewhere that Pre doesnt like projects on the root directory of a drive.


              The camcorder is a Panasonic DV (GS-400) and the footage is imported via IEEE1394 (Firewire) cable. It is the same process I used on my old pc running Pre7. I havent actually tried importing anything on this new pc, using Pre7 or Pre10, as I have only been using photos for a slideshow and the Black Video preset in Pre.


              I use "Standard DV PAL" settings on my projects from memory, but I can clarify this.


              I will have a look at the Article link asap... off to work for now.


              Thanks again guys. Awesome stuff. I know that when I do finally figure this out, it will be tiniest most miniscule setting or oversight.



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                Gordon_Aus Level 1

                Can anyone from Adobe help me out with this problem????


                I have also posted here http://www.elementsvillage.com/forums/showthread.php?p=629778#post629778 with some more detailed information on my troubleshooting steps.


                HELP PLEASE :-)

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                  nealeh Level 5

                  Gordon_Aus wrote:


                  Can anyone from Adobe help me out with this problem????

                  Occasionally an Adobe employee might look at the forum, but mostly we're all just users. To contact Adobe for support click the Adobe button at the top-left of this page.


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