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    DVD Burn Failure. Status: Media not present


      Adobe Premiere Elements V9.0 has suddenly stopped its ability to burn DVD's. The problem initiated with latest project, which stopped at 99.3% of burn and came up with "Error". Now all projects - including previously successful burns have an error flagged under Status: "Media not present". I have a Medion (Akoya E6224) i3 with >300GB of free HD space; 6GB of RAM. I have checked the online troubleshooting, forums and manual, following all directions, but to no avail. The file can be copied into a folder successfully, but I do not want to purchase an external DVD burner, or 3rd party burning software to "test" if this resolves my problem, as the program has been working perfectly - until recently. I have already checked that all relevant drivers are current. I have also tried different brands of DVD. I am running Windows 7.0 and as the unit is a laptop (2.10Ghz), it only has one HD, however I also run a WD external HD for backup, if that matters. Virtual memory advises I have a paging file of 6051MB.

      I would be most grateful for assistance, as I seem to be at a dead end.


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          Welcome to the forum.


          When one gets the "Media not present," or similar error messages, it is usually a problem with the blank media, or the multi-drive/burner's inability to sense the media. "SenseCode" errors can indicate the same thing.


          Now, my first question, when I see such, would be, "what brand of blank media am I using?" Blank media is not all created equal. I recommend Verbatim, Taiyo-Yuden or Falcon Pro, and recommend AGAINST Memorex, recent TDK, recent Ritek, and all "store brands." Also, though not as important, as it once was, some multi-drives/burners are somewhat sensitive to the type, -R, or +R, however, all newer multi-drives should have no issues - those are more often seen with set-top DVD players. Also, make sure that your blank media is really BLANK. All too often, users have grabbed a disc, that they thought was blank, only to see that it has actually used. Also see this ARTICLE.


          If that does not fix things, I would go to Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager>CD/DVD drives (on a PC) and check that there are no error/warning messages next to my multi-drive/burner and that Windows is properly seeing that multi-drive/burner.


          If that all checks out, then I go to the multi-drive's mfgr's. Web site and check for firmware updates for my model of multi-drive. If there is a newer firmware, I read the installation instructions, and actually print those out for reference. IMPORTANT: installation instructions are critical to follow EXACTLY, and can change with each firmware update, so read, print out, and follow exactly. Once done, test with high-quality BLANK media.


          Good luck, and hope one of those helps,