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    Automatic correction of converging lines and volume anamorphosis in lens tab


      What would be very useful for architectural photography is to have a feature that detects vertical (and possibly even horizontal) lines like ShiftN does and an automatic correction for them.

      If that is going to be implemented it would be good to take the EXIF data into account so it won't be a simple transform that clinches the subject but to have virtual tilt-shift lens in ACR that works according the rules of rectilinear projection for different focal lengths.

      While implementing that, it might be a good idea to fix the transform tools that always move the image out of the frame, at the moment to fix this you have to scale down the image by a significant amount loose therefore alot of resolution.



      When cropping a wide angle image asymetrically one has to live with different amounts of edge distortion, so the possibility to move around the center and warp the image accordingly again according to the rules of rectilinear projection would come in handy often.



      Another useful feature would be a spherical and cylindrical volume anamorphosis correction for extreme wide angle lens in ACR.